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Join our IFA network
Join our IFA network

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How It Works
Find a local Independent Financial Advisor
Get a free, no obligation consultation with a local FCA regulated Independent Financial Advisor
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Some basic bullets on the features and benefits of joining the network. Example below:

There is NO joining fee!

You don’t pay any upfront costs to us to join or start up!

No long contract

Free to give a months' notice at any time.

High Quality Leads

The enquirer has initiated contact, so there is a definite need.

Local to Your area

Exclusive for one or more main postcode areas

Exclusive Leads

We only supply to one appointed IFA per area

Business Progression

Build your business faster and receive new referrals

If the occasional mortgage or loan request does come in, you can reject the lead via your own control panel. We operate a fair lead policy and we particularly look to service Pensions & Investment prospects.

Full details of the program including costs, terms etc. will be provided to all applicants.

Join Our Financial Advisor Network

To be eligible to join the LocalFinancialAdvisor Local IFA Network you’ll need to:

Meet the strict qualifications and competence requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Provide a Current Statement of Professional Standing

Be able to offer prompt friendly advice to those that need it


If you match the above criteria, you’ll need to do the following:

Send an email to  containing a copy of your Statement of Professional Standing together with your full contact details. 

Please also advise re the main geographical area or postcodes that you regularly cover.

Network Quality Promise

We have been operating for a number of years and experience tells us that IFA's generally convert one in three leads that are put through. Whilst you will rarely win them all as they say, prompt action can and often will lead to a new customer.

All of our leads are generated as a result of the prospect searching on the internet for genuine helpful advice. As these are searches with intent the response from potential clients is positive and well received making the process much easier.

We look to service specific sectors and as such we rarely reach people looking for loans or mortgage advice. If the occasional one does come through you are free to reject that lead in your own control panel.

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

How It Works

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